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English Summary

Czechoslovakia (CSSR) in 1968.

40 years ago tanks ended our Czech neighbour’s dream of "democratic communism". For political reasons the Austrian Armed Forces did not position themselves directly at the border. As a result the population lost its confidence in the Armed Forces as an organisation.

"Democracy and Freedom - in Peace"Czech Lieutenant General (ret) Tomá¹ Sedlácek, the first foreign officer to be awarded the decoration Pro Defensione, relates as a contemporary witness what happened in 1938, 1948 and 1968.

Military Policy: "European Army" - Option or Illusion?

… From Brussels: Cue Word "Arms Control"

Disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction have a greater impact on Austrian soldiers than one might think at first.

The Tactical Laser Light Module of the Steyr AUG 77 A1

This module enables the user of the Steyr Army Universal Gun to fight targets fast and in day and night time.

The Vorarlberg Military Band

Whether they give a gala concert in the Bregenz Festival Hall or concerts in Mostar and Syria - the musicians are up to all demands.

Eurofighter "Typhoon" (V) The components engine, cockpit and avionics

Compactness, modularity, clear arrangement, automation and the use of state-of-the-art materials characterise the components engine, cockpit and avionics, described in this issue.

Law as a Multimedia Study Programme

To study without schedules and attending classes - this is a dream come true via the multimedia study programme offered at the Law Faculty of the University of Linz.

Austrians in Africa

Consulates in Cape Town, Addis Abeba and Khartoum, Slatin Pasha or Tegetthoff’s exploration of the Red Sea - Austria’s engagement in Africa has a long-standing tradition.

7th Infantry Brigade

Compactness and manpower suitable for task fulfilment in and outside Austria are the characteristic traits of the "Seventh".

Public Relations of the 7th Infantry Brigade Solid training, good communication skills and flexibility are relevant preconditions for standing one’s ground against the media.

Focus: Comprehensive Force Protection

Six Easy Ways to Lose a War at the Tactical Level

It is always easier to tix blame than fiy a problem; it is easier to blame politicians and strategists because strategy wins wars. Strategy has its primacy, but at the tactical level, we play a pivotal role in victory or defeat.

Officers Basic Course at the U.S. Air Defense Artillery School Participation in this type of training courses is almost a must, because it significantly improves the Austrian Armed Forces’ capability to cooperate with other armies.

The Ability to Communicate is Indispensable

In training courses information officers are taught how to communicate successfully. However, this is relevant not only for information officers.

Psychology: "Ordered Helplessness"

Protection and Assistance in China

After the earthquake disaster of May this year, the Chinese Armed Forces helped very quickly, on a scale that is almost impossible to imagine in our region.

Rules of Engagement for the Use of Military Force in EU-led Operations

Rules of Engagement are marked by strict preconditions set by international law and political considerations. They are standardised operational regulations to be observed and implemented when conducting military operations.


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