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An Alpine Unit for Montenegro

Since 2008 the Land Forces School has been supporting Montenegro in setting up an alpine infantry battalion.

A World War between Walcheren, Aspern and Cayenne. Global Military Operations around 1809

1809 was a key year in a "world war" that lasted for more than 20 years and was marked by the clash of opposing strategic interests of France the Imperial continental power on the one hand and the sea power Great Britain on the other.

The Military Band of Lower Austria

For more than 50 years the Military Band of Lower Austria has served as a link between the population and the soldiers and as a further training institution for Austrian brass musicians.

Military Policy: The Road to a Europe with a Better Capability to Act

Eurofighter "Typhoon" (IX)

Since June 2008, Fighter Wing 74 of the German Air Force has carried out airspace surveillance in southern Germany with the Eurofighter aircraft. It is mainly a question of Quick Reaction Alert Interception and night operations.

Alenia-Aermacchi M-346 "Master" ITS

A jet trainer for pilot training on 4th and 5th generation fighter aircraft. The Alenia-Aermacchi M-346 "Master" fulfils the requirements of an advanced training instrument for pilots of 4th and 5th generation fighter aircraft and can also be used for airspace surveillance.

Military Museums: Not a Trace of Beer-Drinking Merrymaking - The Bavarian Army Museum

Focus: "Numquam retro - Never Turn Back"

The Austrian Special Operation Forces Introduce Itself

The operational elements of the Commandos are designed to carry out special tasks within a broad spectrum of operations and are assembled and equipped according to their missions.

The Commandos in the AAF 2010

After its transformation into the structure of the Austrian Armed Forces 2010, the HQ Commandos will have all those units and organisational elements which are needed to accomplish missions across the entire spectrum.

Provocatio (III)

The first intellectual achievement, when working on a tactical problem, is reached with the "evaluation of environment".

Objective and Effectiveness of International Operations

The success of international operations cannot be rated exclusively from the military viewpoint. It is also a question of whether a crisis region can be politically and economically stabilised.

Psychology: Psychology and Training Commandos

Cue Word: Family Care

The more AAF soldiers are deployed in international operations and the more "robust” these operations are, the more important it is to provide professional and systematic care for the families of the soldiers.

EOD Training in the PfP-Exercise "COOPERATIVE LANCER" 08

Also in 2008 NATO exercises were conducted to improve interoperability with NATO-PfP-countries. 14 nations trained combat tasks up to battalion level. EOD training was an important component of the exercise.


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