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English Summary

The Powers of the Austrian Military Police and the Military Police of the German Bundeswehr in Comparison

This article gives an overview of the major powers of the two Military Police Forces‘ organs at home, during exercises abroad, and during missions abroad.

… From Brussels: Which Military Capabilities Will the EU Have as of 2010?

Current planning, progress made in fulfilling common objectives, shortcomings, and the forces which the EU will soon be able to employ.

Military Policy: New Challenge for CFSP and ESDP

The First Army of the First Republic - the Development of the "Volkswehr"

From 1918 onward the Republic of "Deutsch-Österreich" needed forces in order to prevent the communists or monarchists from taking over power as well as further losses of territory.

The First Main Battle Tank in the World

In 1911 the Imperial officer Gunther Burstyn created the "Motorgeschütz", an armoured and tracked combat vehicle equipped with a cannon in the rotary turret.

Military Museums: The Swiss Military Museum in Full

Eurofighter (X): Maintenance

The technical combat readiness of the Eurofighter "Typhoon" mainly depends on flying hours and calendar years and comprises several maintenance levels.

The Guards Music

The Guards Music continues in various ways the traditions of the Austrian Military Music and is the representative band of the Austrian Armed Forces, which as much provides a musical setting for official state ceremonies as much as it constitutes a significant asset of Viennese cultural life.

Focus: The Guards Today

The Guards

The Guards represent the Republic of Austria and the Austrian Armed Forces to the outside world and at the same time fulfil the tasks of an infantry combat unit.

Provocatio (IV)

A comprehensive, detailed and stringent estimate of the orientation, the situation of the conflicting parties as well as of the environmental conditions forms the basis of the Courses of Action phase, which is a pillar in the new tactical decision-making process.

The "Smoke Screen Accident" on the A22 - Military Communication in a Situation of Crisis - an Analysis.

One aim of the analysis was to draw conclusions from the events occurring during the "smoke screen accident".

The "Shadowmakers" - Austrian Engineers in Chad

The Austrian engineers‘ task was to build up the camp and provide sun shades as well as create the necessary infrastructure for the troops.

Psychology: Women in International Missions - Opportunities and Limits

Mission "Moonlight" - Norway 1944

The Norwegian Jens-Anton Poulsson organised and led local resistance in the subdistrict code-named "Moonlight". The purpose was to prevent the Germans from destroying the key industry.

SHIRBRIG - Standby High Readiness Brigade

Up to 4 000 soldiers from 14 U.N. member nations participated within the framework of SHIRBRIG. After 12 successful years SHIRBRIG will conclude its activities as of 30 June 2009.


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