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150th Anniversary of the Battle of Solferino (I). A Humanitarian Disaster

When the fighting died away and a nightly thunderstorm sets in over a devastated battlefield on the evening of 24 June 1859, the immediate outcome of this battle is an immense humanitarian disaster.

Military Policy: Financial Shortage: Challenge as well as Chance

The Purpose of the Armed Might Today (I) - On the Transformation of Europe’s Armed Forces in the 21st Century

The integration into a common Europe requires a re-positioning in the security-political field, thereby replacing nation-state-centred defensive thinking.

Operations of the «Volkswehr»

In 1918/19, the provisional Austrian «Volkswehr», highly controversial among the political parties, succeeded in averting several attempted coups in, as well as several imminent territorial losses of the young Republic of Austria.

IVECO LMV - Light Multirole Vehicle

The Austrian Armed Forces are procuring the new tactical transport vehicle with extensive anti-mine properties, in six different configurations. Some of them will be equipped with an electrically remote-controlled and stabilised weapon station.

Military Museums: The Italian Historical War Museum in Rovereto

Major General Theodor Edler von Lerch

In 1911, Major General Lerch, then a major in the Imperial Army, introduced Alpine skiing into Japan.


New Ways of Adult Education in the Austrian Armed Forces

The new aspect is primarily the shift of focus from the teachers onto the students.

... from Brussels: The Security Sector Reform and Its Effects on the Troops

The Security Sector Reform (SSR) tasks require comprehensive concepts as well as the national and international coordination of all those involved.


The evaluation of this survey shows that the readers have a highly positive picture of, and are very happy with, the journal. The planned modernisation turned into a successful «soft-relaunch».

Focus: 35th Mechanised Infantry Battalion

The 35th Mechanised Infantry Battalion Introduces Itself

The «35ers» are one of the two Mechanised Infantry Battalions of the Austrian Armed Forces.

AUCON 1/MINURCAT Successfully Started into Chad with the Help of the «Third»

The 3rd Mechanised Infantry Brigade was responsible for the formation and the operations preparation of the first MINURCAT contingent.

The European Battle Groups

Being a part of a EUBG constitutes a clear signal for the integration of Austria’s national defence into the structures of the European Union.

Psychology: Misunderstood Comradeship: «Co-Addiction» to Alcohol


At AIRPOWER 09, one of the biggest aviation events in Europe, the Austrian Armed Forces presented the performance capability of its Air Force and its Special Operations Forces as well as that of other international air forces.

Disaster Response in Upper Austria

In order to be able to assist effectively and timely, engineer forces have to undergo regular and structured training. Since they cannot be found only in engineer platoons, it is of utmost importance to keep track of them.


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