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English Summary

Surveillance, Evaluation, Direction-finding, Jamming, etc.

For the first time, in 2008 Austrian non-commissioned officers participated in electronic warfare training at the German Bundeswehr Academy for Strategic Surveillance.

Ramsau/Molln Rifle Range

As one of the most state-of-the-art rifle ranges in Austria, Ramsau/Molln offers nine firing lanes to go through all the exercises of the new infantry weapons live-firing programme. Service to the soldiers is written with a capital "S” here.

Military Policy: 10 Years of ESDP - Outcome and Outlook

45 Years of Wars and Insurgencies in Chad

Insurgency and low-intensity conflict have marked the history of Chad, from 1963 to 2008. The spread of insurgency, progressive collapse of the central government and inner-political quarrels resulted in a major invasion by Libya, and the country eventually became a French military protectorate.

The Forces’ New Mobile Intensive Care Units

By end-2005 the Austrian Armed Forces introduced over ten new medical vehicles equipped as Mobile Intensive Care Units. Two of them are based at the Military Hospital/Medical Centre West in Innsbruck.

"... from Brussels”:

Due to generally decreasing defence budgets, the common development of capabilities to deal with crisis scenarios is gaining in importance for armed forces.

Military Museums: London Imperial War Museum

The "Colonels’ Paragraph”

The Austrian State Treaty banned former colonels and generals of the German Wehrmacht from being employed by the Austrian Armed Forces of the Second Republic. For a select few of them, however, a special solution was found.

Quality Improvement in Command and Control

This article deals with basic and continuation training as well as the employment of the 155 trainers and team trainers in the field of command

China Shows off Military Might at 60th Anniversary Parade

The biggest parade in China ever was focused on precision, a homogeneous appearance, well-prepared choreographies and the preclusion of any incidents. The spectators were offered a comprehensive visual work of art.

Focus: Infantry Battalion Upper Austria - the Militia Is Alive

Infantry Battalion Upper Austria

The Infantry Battalion Upper Austria was formed in 2005 by merging the militia Infantry Battalions 14 and 16.

HANDWERK 09 - the Brigade Exercise of the 4th Mech. Infantry Brigade

The 4th Mechanised Infantry Brigade was tasked with providing the framework for the evaluation of Task Force 18, made up of one mechanised infantry and one reconnaissance company. Also the militia recall of the militia Infantry Battalion Upper Austria was successfully integrated into it.

Infantry Battalion Upper Austria in Exercise HANDWERK 09 Preparations - Course of the Exercise - Findings

For the first time since its formation in 2005 the militia Infantry Battalion Upper Austria had the occasion to exercise together with the 4th Mechanised Infantry Brigade.

Psychology: The Allentsteig Experiment

Tritolwerk - a High-tech Heap of Ruins

Today the Tritolwerk, formerly an explosives plant, is one of the most up-to-date disaster relief training areas in Europe. On the average there are 260 days of exercises a year.

Never Say Never (I)

On the Further Rearrangement of South-Eastern Europe "Never say never” - this is how the Balkans expert Tim Judah views the possible continuation of further autonomy efforts and the state building process in South-Eastern Europe.


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