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Public Opinion on European Security and Defense

erschienen in der Publikation "Public Opinion on European Security and Defense" (ISBN: 3−631−39)

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Pressetext des Verlages
This study analyzes the relationship between public opinion and Europe's new security policy. It aims to explore
current perceptions of European integration, security, and defense in EU member states. Its main focus is on a
comparison of prevailing attitudes toward the idea of closer European cooperation in security policy with an
emphasis on CFSP, ESDP, and the EU Rapid Reaction Force. It also sheds light on current perceptions of threat among the populations of European states. The analysis is based on a comparison of available empirical data from public opinion polls and country studies, including the results of the recently published Eurobarometer Survey 54.1.

Contents: Public Opinion − European Integration − Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) − European
Security and Defense Policy (ESDP) − Rapid Reaction Force − Threat Perceptions − Security Policy − National

The Authors:
Franz Kernic is a Senior Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Jean M. Callaghan is Deputy Director of Research at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Garmisch−Partenkirchen, Germany.

Philippe Manigart is Professor of Sociology at Brussels Royal Military Academy, Belgium.

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