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Interkulturalität und Diversity 2018

erschienen in der Publikation "Interkulturalität und Diversity 2018" (ISBN: 978-3-903121-56-0) - Dezember 2019

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Schlagworte zu diesem Beitrag:  Interkulturalität, Diversität, Führung, Management, Interkulturelle Kompetenz


The workshop "Interculturality and Diversity 2018" took place from November 19 to 22, 2018 at the National Defense Academy in Vienna. This workshop was the eighth event in this series. The workshop series is characterized above all by the fact that a wide variety of disciplines dealing with interculturality and diversity can offer common ideas and suggestions. It is particularly important that a targeted networking of national and international civilian and military research and teaching institutions takes place, that they work together and thus promote each other in an extremely productive way.

Eigentümer und Herausgeber: Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung | Roßauer Lände 1, 1090 Wien
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