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Table of Contents

erschienen in der Publikation "The Impact of Asian Powers on Global Developments" (ISBN: 3-7908-0092-9) - Oktober 2003

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Table of Contents

Rahul Peter Das
Europe in Eurasian Strategic Considerations: Introductory Remarks

Dietrich Reetz
Flashpoint South and Central Asia: Strategic Aspects of a Historical Relationship

Birgit Brauer
Central Asia: The Great Game Revisited

Diethelm Weidemann
Pakistan: Self-Perception, Images of History, Concept of the State

Dietmar Rothermund
The USA and India: Mutual Perceptions and Political Actions

Subrata K. Mitra
Perception, Strategy and Interest: The State and Foreign Policy in India after Independence

Erich Reiter
India, the New Global Power, Changes the Strategic Situation in Asia and Eurasia

Christian Wagner
Indo-Chinese Relations

Heinrich Kreft
India and Russia: Revival of a Traditional Partnership

Dietmar Rothermund
India's Political Development and its Impact on International Relations

Kay Möller
China's Strategic Objectives and Policies

Frank Umbach
Future Impacts of Chinese and Asian Dependency upon Energy from the Middle East and Central Asia

Xuewu Gu
China and the Great Powers: Mutual perceptions at the dawn of the 21st century

Dmitri V. Trenin
Piecing Together A Comprehensive Foreign Policy Strategy For Russia: Where India Fits In

Martin Malek
Russian Policy Toward India, Pakistan and Afghanistan

Urs Schoettli
Japan: Strategic Goals and their Implementation; Mentalities and Perceptions of the Outside World

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