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The Future of NATO and Transatlantic Relations

erschienen in der Publikation "Jahrbuch für internationale Sicherheitspolitik 2000" (ISBN: 3-8132-0711-0) - Dezember 2000

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NATO has renewed itself for the 21st century. It is devoted to securing permanent U.S. engagement in Europe, preserving the Alliance’s political and military cooperation, integrating Central Europe in the democratic West, and drawing Russia productively into the outside world. It is pursuing a comprehensive program of enlargement, Partnership for Peace and Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, relations with Russia and Ukraine, the modernization of allied military doctrine and commands, and a new association with the European Security and Defense Identity. Following the Kosovo War, NATO is likely to remain essentially a regional organization, with further enlargement in Europe, deep engagement in the Balkans, and new peacekeeping capabilities. It also needs to create an effective, working partnership with the European Union - its Common Foreign and Security Policy and ESDI. Thus NATO offers promise to help create in the next century a "Europe whole and free".

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