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Matthias Siegfried

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  1. Conflict Prevention: the Use of Mediation and Facilitation in the Post-Agreement Phase (aus der Publikation Konfliktprävention zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit)


Matthias Siegfried graduated from the University of Freiburg (social sciences). After having worked in the humanitarian field (Caucasus, Central Asia) he joined swisspeace as a Research Assistant. Early in 2003 he joined the Political Division IV of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs as a Regional Peacebuilding Advisor for South-Eastern Europe. As a member of the Embassy of Switzerland in Skopje, one of his main tasks was to help design, coordinate and support Switzerland’s engagement in political dialogue initiatives and programs. He joined swisspeace again in summer 2005 as a Project Coordinator of the Mediation Support Project.

Eigentümer und Herausgeber: Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung | Roßauer Lände 1, 1090 Wien
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