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South East Europe’s Consolidation in Light of the EU Crisis, Refugee Influx and Religious Extremism

32nd Workshop of the PfP Consortium Study Group "Regional Stability in South East Europe”

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South East Europe’s Consolidation in Light of the EU Crisis, Refugee Influx and Religious Extremism 196 Seiten / 1.01 MB PDF ansehen
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196 Seiten (1.01 MB)
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As a consequence of the ongoing violent conflicts in the Middle East, hundreds of thousands of migrants have fled to Europe, using the "Balkan Route". Apart from the problems that are linked to this development, there are member states that fear that the EU might become a target for further terrorist attacks committed by radical Islamists. This circumstance has once more turned the spotlight on South East Europe who is facing big challenges such as radicalised individuals and groups as well as the absence of structural and financial means to tackle the situation. Many fear that the current lack of solidarity and cohesion, disintegrative developments as well as the rise of semi-authoritarian political models will lead to a deterioration of EU standards and co-operative behaviour. This would harm not only the EU as a political union but could challenge its position as a democratic and co-operative role model as well as its integrative function for South East Europe.

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