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Concrete Steps to Break the Deadlocks in the South Caucasus

20th Workshop of the Study Group "Regional Stability in the South Caucasus” - Policy Recommendations


Policy Recommendations


Dezember 2019


MA Frédéric Labarre, Dr. George Niculescu

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"Out of the box thinking” was on the agenda of the 20th Regional Stability in the South Caucasus Study Group (RSSC SG) workshop. After several workshops dealing with geopolitical issues, and a stock-taking workshop in 2018, the co-chairs re-directed attention to the need for practical, ground-based initiatives to foster greater stability at the grass-roots and community levels.

The co-chairs attempted to propel and support thinking "out of the box” in providing concrete and constructive temporary or permanent solutions and to stimulate people-to-people exchanges within the region. While the results have not been those we have been aiming for, the discussions and the end product are substantial.

What follows are brief summaries of the presentations in each panel, followed by summaries of the report of breakout Group discussions which fed Policy ecommendations.

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