Officers in parade uniforms stand to attention.

Rank Insignias

Understand the distinctions of our soldiers

Ranks govern seniority among soldiers of the Austrian Armed Forces, signifying the individual soldier’s place within the military hierarchy.

To this end, 21 ranks exist in the Austrian Armed Forces, which come in four categories: enlisted soldiers with the rank of recruit, enlisted soldiers with one of three existing corporal ranks, NCOs, and officers.

Enlisted (Without Rank)


Rank: Private
German: Rekrut
NATO rank class: OR-1 

Enlisted (With Rank)


Rank: Lance Corporal
German: Gefreiter
NATO rank class: OR-2

Rank: Corporal
German: Korporal
NATO rank class: OR-3


Rank: Master Corporal
German: Zugsführer
NATO rank class: OR-4

Non-Commissioned Officers


Rank: Sergeant
German: Wachtmeister
NATO rank class: OR-5

Rank: Master Sergeant
German: Oberwachtmeister
NATO rank class: OR-6

Rank: Staff Sergeant
German: Stabswachtmeister
NATO rank class: OR-7

Rank: Warrant Officer III
German: Oberstabswachtmeister
NATO rank class: OR-8

Rank: Warrant Officer II
German: Offiziersstellvertreter
NATO rank class: OR-9

Rank: Warrant Officer I
Abkürzung: Vizeleutnant
NATO rank class: OR-9

Commissioned Officers


Rank:  (Officer) Cadet
Rang: Fähnrich
NATO rank class: OF-Student

Rank: Second Lieutenant
German: Leutnant
NATO rank class: OF-1

Rank: First Lieutenant
German: Oberleutnant
NATO rank class: OF-1

Rank: Captain 
German: Hauptmann
NATO rank class: OF-2

Rank: Major
German: Major
NATO rank class: OF-3

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
German: Oberstleutnant
NATO rank class: OF-4

Rank: Colonel
German: Oberst
NATO rank class: OF-5

Rank: Brigadier (General)
German: Brigadier
NATO rank class: OF-6

Rank: Major General
German: Generalmajor
NATO rank class: OF-7

Rank: Lieutenant General
German: Generalleutnant
NATO rank class: OF-8

Rank: General
German: General
NATO rank class: OF-9


  • Unlike on the field uniform, the rank insignia on the formal uniform has a coloured background in order to distinguish specialisation. This does not apply to general officers, where the background is entirely golden with a narrow red border around the insignia.
  • Since Austria is not a NATO member country, there is no policy on NATO rank class equivalents and the classes shown on this page are approximations given only for the sake of easier comparison to other armies.

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