Soldiers recieve orders from their team leader.

The Forces

Land Forces

The Land Forces constitute the bulk of the Austrian Armed Forces. They owe their great versatility to their training and equipment.

Four brigades and nine provincial military commands (overseeing territorial areas of responsibility) perform all tasks assigned to the Land Forces during exercises and operations, domestically and abroad.



3rd Infantry Brigade is rapidly available to deploy domestically and abroad. Its soldiers
specialise in operations in built-up areas. Their main task is to support the defence against terrorist threats and maintain public order and security following terrorist situations that law enforcement cannot cope with on their own.


4th Mechanised Infantry Brigade includes the mechanised units of the Austrian Armed Forces. It is earmarked for robust operations domestically and abroad and key to maintaining capabilities of conventional national defence.


6th Mountain Brigade specialises in operations in mid-range and high mountainous areas. It performs tasks in the context of a European mountain warfare centre and coordinates the training of the mountain-mobile units of the Austrian Armed Forces.


7th Infantry Brigade is the light infantry brigade of the Austrian Armed Forces and performs a special role due to its air-mobile and air-transport capabilities. Its soldiers are earmarked for international and domestic operations.


The provincial military commands of the nine federal provinces are indispensable links between the Austrian Armed Forces and civilian authorities as well as other first responders. Their main task is to lead forces during assistance and disaster-relief operations as well as law-enforcement assistance operations. To this end, an infantry battalion and a ready-reserve infantry battalion are available to each provincial military command. The provincial military commands are also responsible for territorial administration and public information.

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